What To Serve With Lasagna

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the mouthwatering world of lasagna and discover the best side dishes to take this classic Italian dish to a whole new level. Lasagna is undoubtedly a beloved comfort food, with layers of rich tomato sauce, creamy cheese, and savory meat (if you prefer the meaty version).

But to truly elevate your lasagna experience, you need to know what to serve with lasagna?

What To Serve With Lasagna

In this article, we’ll explore a diverse array of side dish ideas that will tantalize your taste buds and make your lasagna meal an unforgettable culinary adventure. From classic Italian sides to refreshing salads, warm soups, and delectable desserts, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started on this culinary journey!

Understanding the Flavor Profile of Lasagna

Before we delve into the delectable side dishes, let’s take a moment to appreciate the flavor profile of lasagna. The layers of tangy tomato sauce, velvety cheese, and savory meat (or hearty vegetables) create a harmonious symphony of flavors. To truly enhance your dining experience, we’ll be looking for sides that balance and complement these delicious notes.

Classic Italian Side Dishes

Garlic Bread

Ah, the quintessential Italian side dish that needs no introduction: garlic bread! The warm and toasty goodness of garlic-infused bread is a match made in heaven with lasagna. With its aromatic garlic butter and crispy crust, garlic bread adds an extra layer of indulgence to your lasagna feast.

What To Serve With Lasagna


Next up is the delightful bruschetta. This appetizer, consisting of grilled bread topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil, perfectly complements the richness of lasagna. Its vibrant flavors and refreshing taste cleanse the palate between each lasagna bite.

Caprese Salad

A true celebration of simplicity and freshness, Caprese salad is a must alongside your lasagna. With ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, fragrant basil leaves, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze, this salad perfectly balances the hearty flavors of lasagna.

what to serve with lasagna

Fresh and Crisp Salads

 Caesar Salad

What better way to balance the richness of lasagna than with a classic Caesar salad? The crisp romaine lettuce, tangy Caesar dressing, crunchy croutons, and grated Parmesan create a delightful contrast that complements the lasagna’s creamy texture.

Mixed Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette

For a lighter option, consider a refreshing mixed greens salad drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. The sweetness of the vinaigrette pairs wonderfully with the savory lasagna flavors.

Mediterranean Cucumber-Tomato Salad

Infuse your meal with Mediterranean vibes by serving a refreshing cucumber-tomato salad. The combination of cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, red onions, olives, and feta cheese adds a burst of flavors that perfectly complements lasagna.

Savory Soup Pairings


On a chilly evening, a warm bowl of minestrone soup alongside your lasagna is pure comfort. Filled with vegetables, beans, and pasta, this hearty soup is a wonderful accompaniment to the richness of lasagna.

Italian Wedding Soup

Indulge in the flavors of Italy with a bowl of Italian wedding soup. With tender meatballs, greens, and pasta in a flavorful broth, this soup makes a delightful addition to your lasagna meal.

Hearty Vegetable Soup

For a vegetarian-friendly option, a hearty vegetable soup is a fantastic choice. Packed with seasonal vegetables, herbs, and spices, this soup complements meatless lasagna perfectly.

Bread and Garlic Delights

Focaccia Bread

Let’s talk about focaccia bread, a soft and flavorful Italian bread topped with olive oil, herbs, and sometimes olives. Its chewy texture and herb-infused aroma make it an ideal companion for lasagna.

Cheesy Breadsticks

Who can resist the allure of cheesy breadsticks? These soft and cheesy delights are a delightful way to mop up any remaining lasagna sauce.

Garlic Knots

Garlic knots, those delectable little rolls of knotted dough smothered in garlic butter, are simply irresistible. They are the perfect side dish for any lasagna feast.

Side Dishes for Vegetarian Lasagna

Roasted Vegetables

For a healthy and flavorful option, try roasted vegetables. From zucchini and bell peppers to carrots and eggplants, roasted veggies are a colorful and delicious addition to your vegetarian lasagna.

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan, a hearty and savory dish made with layers of eggplant, marinara sauce, and melted cheese, is a delightful pairing for vegetarian lasagna.

Stuffed Mushrooms

For a gourmet touch, consider serving stuffed mushrooms with your vegetarian lasagna. Filled with a delectable mixture of herbs, breadcrumbs, and cheese, these mushrooms are bursting with flavor.

Wine and Beverage Recommendations

Chianti or Sangiovese

When it comes to wine pairings for lasagna, you can’t go wrong with a classic Chianti or Sangiovese. These red wines have the perfect balance to complement the richness of the dish.

Sparkling Water with Lemon

For a refreshing non-alcoholic option, sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon is a simple and palate-cleansing choice.

Italian Sodas

Add a touch of whimsy to your meal with Italian sodas. These effervescent beverages come in a variety of flavors and are sure to delight your taste buds.

Decadent Desserts to Finish


End your lasagna feast on a sweet note with a classic Italian dessert: tiramisu. This luscious treat, made with layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese, is a delightful indulgence.


Cannoli, the iconic Italian pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese, chocolate chips, and candied fruit, is an absolute treat to savor after your lasagna meal.

Panna Cotta

For a lighter dessert option, consider panna cotta. This creamy and silky Italian dessert pairs beautifully with the richness of lasagna.


As we wrap up this delightful journey through the world of lasagna side dishes, I hope you’ve found inspiration to elevate your lasagna dining experience. Remember, thoughtful side dish pairings can transform an ordinary meal into a culinary masterpiece.

So, go ahead and experiment with the various options we’ve explored today to create your own perfect combination.I’d love to hear about your favorite lasagna side dishes! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below or on our social media pages. Bon appétit!


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